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He said, go build​ a better world

I said, I would but how?

The world is such a cold dark place and complicated now

For I am small and helpless, there is nothing I can do

He said, of course there is, just build a better you

The Higher Mission

We are born as flawless human beings, ready to take on the world. As we grow older, our glowing aura’s can grow dim from toxic outside forces as we are conditioned by our parents, schools, friends and society. We slowly forget that we are beings of light, energy and vibration and we begin to shift into a denser and less joyful existence. Our minds and bodies begin to subconsciously record each struggle, downfall and traumatic experience and over time we develop illnesses, depression, anxiety and dis-ease. 

At Higher Vibrations Healing we are dedicated to empowering and encouraging our clients to find the healing power that already lies within them. We use noninvasive alternative therapies that help our clients find their way back to wholeness.

About Nazly

Hello and welcome! My name is Nazly and I am the founder of Higher Vibrations Healing. I am passionate about being a healer and as long as I can remember I have had a deep calling within me to help others. Having experienced many traumas in my own life I know how challenging the day-to-day can be especially when dealing with anxiety, depression and PTSD. My own personal path to healing came about when I was introduced to the law of attraction in 2006. The study of quantum physics and energy healing has truly transformed my life.

This is not something that happens overnight but as long as we have a real desire for emotional freedom and in some cases freedom from physical pain then we can begin to take one step forward at a time. I really believe there is a beautiful light at the end of every tunnel we just have to search for the right tools and support to help get us there. I would be honored if you would allow me to hold space for you and guide you through your healing journey.

I have studied Life Skills Counselling and was certified by Rhodes Wellness College, Shao-Lin One Finger Zen Qigong under Grandmaster Bonnie Richter and Bio-Energy Healing from Michael D'Alton's School of Energy Healing. I am also a certified Bio-Well practitioner which is a device I have recently added to my practice. For more information on this device please see Bio-Well under the services tab.

Services Offered

About the Bio-Well

How Talk Therapy Can Help

Benefits of Gong Bath Therapy

Benefits of Bio Field Tuning

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